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Never Buy an Unprofitable Airbnb Again.

Say goodbye to the risk of unprofitable investments. With years of experience and a perfected formula, we extract only the most valuable insights from the best data, ensuring we find short-term properties that cash flow. 
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I’ve helped people buy $80 million in real estate. That is over 160 properties

And my team has done this over the past 2 years when so many have said that AirBnb is over. My performance is shared publicly and you can see that properties consistently over perform my estimates.

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your next property

Leverage our expertise to uncover hidden gems in the real estate market. Our data-driven approach meticulously sifts through extensive property data, pinpointing potential cash flowing properties tailored to your investment goals, ensuring you're positioned for success from day one.

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Invest with Confidence: Navigating Short-Term Rental Success

Our free course offers a roadmap to answering the most crucial questions for short-term rental investors. Discover how to spot and avoid oversaturated markets, evaluate the reliability of your data sources, and forecast your earnings with confidence. However, if you would rather hire the expert, increase your likelyhood of success and not have to do any of the work, hire us!

Bad Data

Not all data is reliable. Spot and dismiss misleading data.

Measure Market Saturation

Gauge market demand and supply accurately.

Project Revenue

Accurately forecast revenue with accurate analytics.

Identify Money
Making Amenities

Discover which amenities increase profits and attract guests.

We help people find amazing properties.

The Formula Works. Years of passionate data analysis have perfected our formula, making it a beacon of accuracy in real estate investments. Trust in precision that turns data into profit.

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to unlock the answers you need

Our specialized services cater to investors aiming to excel in the short-term rental space. With our guidance, watch your investment goals become a reality through smart, data-backed decision-making.


Get an accurate and detailed estimate of the annual revenue potential of any property.

You get:

  • Detailed revenue forecasting report.
  • List of suggested improvements.
  • Video walkthrough explaining data.
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Find Your STR

Find your ideal investment match - this done for you service is the fast track to finding your next great property.

You get

  • Our team combs through extensive data to find your next STR.
  • Our underwriting and tax strategy guides.
  • Video walkthrough explaining findings.
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Learn how to optimize your listing with the right amenities attracting the right demographic - backed by data.

You get

  • Raw data of comparable properties.
  • Detailed notes on how to improve your property.
  • Video walkthrough explaining finding.
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From Data to Dollars: Real Success Stories from Thriving Investors

Our clients came with questions and left with properties—and profits. Delve into their stories of how we navigated the complexities of the market to provide clear, data-backed answers and solutions. From first-time investors to seasoned pros, see how our commitment to comprehensive data analysis led to unparalleled investment victories.


Maximize Your Returns with Smart Tax Strategies.

Unlock the full potential of your short-term rental investments with our tailored tax strategy guidance. We ensure your properties not only cash flow but also leverage tax benefits to boost your bottom line. Let us navigate the complexities, so you can enjoy the rewards.

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3 Free Courses to Get You Started

These courses distill years of industry knowledge into actionable strategies, ensuring you have the tools to identify lucrative opportunities, optimize for maximum earnings, and understand market dynamics like never before. Say goodbye to endless searching and hello to a streamlined path to STR investment mastery.

The Bianchi Method

This 30 hour course is your start to finish class on how to find the right property.

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Airbnb Data Basics

Everything you need to understand about Airbnb data before you use it

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Airbnb Starter Pack

New to Airbnb? Let's start here

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A few things I am passionate about

This FAQ is just the starting point, highlighting questions on topics close to my heart—though not exhaustive, it reflects my deep commitment to your investment success.

Friends with the best in the business

I've had the privilege of joining podcasts, shows, and being a course coach lead  by industry leaders, sharing insights alongside the best in the business. Listen in on my discussions on STR Search and The Bianchi Method.

Short-Term Rentals are alive and well

No other company matches our expansive collection of properties or our unwavering success streak over the last two years. We have helped investors of all skill levels find tax efficient properties...
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Trusted by over hundreds of successful investors

With 80 hours of expertly crafted free content, detailed analysis of many markets revealing the dos and don'ts, and insights from more than 1,000+ property evaluations. My passion for guiding investors to never make informed STR decisions is not just proven—it's spoken.

Never Settle for Less:

Invest with Confidence

Years of passionate analysis have equipped us with the insights to safeguard your investments against unprofitability. Our dedication stems from a genuine desire to help you thrive. Trust us to steer you away from the pitfalls of bad data and towards the rewards of wise property investment.

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